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I agree with what Greg said. I lost a right rear tire on my 31 Cadillac at 65 MPH on a race track :-) in a sweeping left hand turn. The failure was an explosive type, the tire tore off the rear fender 100% and 2/3 of the running board. I thought the car was going to roll over…… but I managed to keep it somewhat under control. Damage was about 20% of the value of the car. Now I replace tubes every 10 years. (In the process of doing it to all my cars right now, and I am about 25% done.) The fact of the matter is almost all of us drive faster than the car can safely handle a blowout. Good tires, tubes, and maintenance are the best prevention. And now a short note on old tires. Most of the club members have seen my 33 LaBaron at the meets the past ten years. When it was fresh out of the barn I ran it for several weeks before I put new tires on it. When I went to change out the first tire and I had let the air out of it I stood on the sidewall to see if the bead would brake loose. MY FOOT WENT THROUGH THE SIDEWALL!!!!!!!! Not a small hole or tear but the entire size of my shoe went right through. I was very disturbed, and will never forget John Cislak laughing his a** off at me. We had been running the car 60 MPH for 45 minutes on a hot day just a few days before! All the tires were in a similar condition and they showed no signs of age cracking or separation. Play it safe and always use good judgment when it comes to tires, tubes, and rims.