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Well said, Ed. I can recall Irvin Blonder helping me (as he did many others) many times when I was restoring a couple of mid-30’s cars. I specifically remember the hood pieces for a 1935, he reproduced them in brass, chrome plated, and they were priced to me cheaper than I could have had the old ones just plated. I was also lucky enough to purchase a manifold for my ’31, back when they were in the $500 range, before I needed it. To your point, the time I needed it came, and I was fortunate to have it in the pile of parts. Things are much more expensive these days, and of course some of the parts are being made by people making a living in the hobby, so more expensive still.

I recently needed some muffler ends reproduced for a 1910 Hupmobile. Got a quote from one shop, $300 each end. Found a great little foundry in Boston, Mystic, and they did them for about $40 each, I’d recommend them for brass and bronze casting if anyone needs that. As Ed says, both the parts and the willingness to make replacement parts are disappearing. best to all, David C.