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Hey I like this conversation, I do not spend much time here but that is because we are out in the shop making parts or working on an old Pierce. Exhaust manifolds will always be a ploblem and an expensive one. We paid to have molds made for the 1930-1932 eights. Thank god we found an old retired Italian mold maker that was willing to help with our project or the mold would never have been made. It took several months to make the mold. We made it thicker where it was week and went to three differand foundries before we found one that could make a proper casting. Phase one complete. Now to set up all the tooling to do the machining, this is huge and complex problem. We demanded perfection and threw away three manifolds before we were satisfied with the finished product. Now get them to the US from Brazil. It’s very similar to smuggling with all the restrictions the Brazilian government puts on exports. Well I could go on forever but it would be nice to know that some people realize what goes into these projects big and small. We are making another run soon if there is enough interest.

Thanks for bearing with me Dave Murray