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I have a Model A.They are not supposed to vapor-lock.Mine does.For

years,a good running A was fine mannered in the morning and prone to

die around 3PM on hot days.I applied various aluminum foil,clothes pins

and other vulgar remedies with some success,but the problem would return.

On Rodney Flornoy’s Tour I met a fellow A owner with the same problems.

He had applied space age tech around the gas line.As we were making

comparisons I touched my carb.It was very hot.I believe the gas was

boiling inside it.I’m not sure what the remedy is.

I believe that you are vapor-locking.Your gas line may be too close

to a heat source(gas line routing in past practice,may be too close for modern fuel).Use a heat gun that tells how many degrees an object is.I bet

your carb is trying to break it’s petroleum habit and get hooked on natural gas!I’ve been told that modern gasoline will turn into a

gaseous form at 76 degrees.I tried running a little diesel in my A,but

it didn’t change matters.Any other additives?

Tony Costa