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It depends on what condition the carb is in, and what condition you want it to be in when it is in use on the car.

If you are restoring the car to be a 95+ point car, then using a professional rebuilder may be the best bet. If you are putting together a poor-man’s restoration, that is a spiffed up driver, then just disassembling the carb, cleaning and reassembling it may be all that is needed.

What is the reason for wanting to rebuild the carb? Is the car running at this time with this carb? Any particular issues with the carb?

If you have a running engine, but with issues, most problems are with the ignition system, spark plugs, points, condensers and coils.. if the carb has had fresh gasoline through it and the engine is running, usually the carb is fine..

Just trying to help..

Greg Long