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Thanks, Greg for your response. This car has set for 30 years without being run. I had a new gas tank built for the car, and have new gas lines on it for the most part. I have taken the carb off and apart and it is in real nice condition. I cleaned it and put it back together and back on the car. I have had it running, but it just slobbers and does not run right. I drove it sunday about a mile, and it progressively got worse and finally quit(I ran it for 20 munites before driving it).

I’m pretty sure its the carb. I think it got some junk in it. It drips gas out of the bottom where the lean/rich shaft goes up into the carb. It idles real fine and smooth, and accelerates good, but runs like crap in between.

I will take the carb off and take it apart again and clean it, but I need gaskets and seals to stop the leaks, then a pro to tell me how to adjust it so it runs properly.

I have worked on Packards for 40 years, but NEVER a Pierce-Arrow. I am learning a lot, and have a lot to learn.

ALL input is WELCOME!!!