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Check the float to see if it has cracked and filled with gasoline. Check the ‘air correction’ system.. I’m not sure what that particular carb uses. On the ’25-27 Series 80 carb, there are flat spring steel air vanes that open with increased air flow, adding air to compensate the over-rich mixture as rpm increases.. Your carb may have this system, or maybe some other system, I can’t remember on the Series 36. what ever the system, make sure it can move or open to lean out the over rich mixture you will get with increased RPM..

Make sure your distributor advance weights are free and allowing spark advance, no advance often feels like a carb problem.

Most gaskets need to be hand made. There are a few gasket sets for some Pierce carbs that are also used on other makes.. like the Stromberg EE and Ex series used in the early 30’s.. I have to hand make the few gaskets for the S80 carbs.

You can buy gasket material from NAPA or other good auto parts store. A steady hand with an Exacto knife or sharp scissors will usually do the job. A paper punch works well to start an inside cut. and you can buy inexpensive gasket hole-cutter sets from Harbor Freight.

Usually leaking around the mixture shaft is bad or old packing, sometimes cleaning it to soften it will work, I soak the packing in solvent. New packing can be made from felt.

That’s all I can think of right now.

Hope this helps

Greg Long