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Definitely the same car. That one has made the rounds of many auctions for the past 10 years (I’ve tracked it). Hyman probably lost money on that one: bought it for $100K reported hammer price at Scottsdale in 2005, sold it at Boca Raton in 2006 for a reported $92.5K 13 months later after advertising it at $189K in Hemmings for >8 months (I saw it at Springfield meet and at Hershey in 2005).

I think Imperial Palace had it offered on its website for $225K a couple of years ago.

It’s an 8 and a very nice resto, circa 1988, with great upholstery. Some surface rust on right side of engine–fuel pump screws and manifold flange–attention to those would have helped. Bland body colors are its worst problem.

Wish somebody other than a speculator would buy it and drive it!!!