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Gemmer Steering Box Project

Gemmer steering box worm project for the 215 series Gemmer boxes that fit Cord, Stutz, Pierce Arrow, and others. After posting a notice that I was going to make worms I received many more inquires than I expected, so I thought I would post this narrative for all to read and understand the project. I am going to manufacture worms, but they are intended to be sold only to my customers using my Gemmer Steering Box rebuilding service only. Please read on to understand why. In early 2009 I started rebuilding and upgrading Gemmer steering boxes for several customers and my own car. I manufactured new roller wheels, new roller axles, and new roller wheel thrust bearings. I also upgraded the sector shaft by hard facing the sector, and removing the bushings from the box and installing roller bearings and modern seals. I also developed a repair for bad worm bearings that works well. With all the upgrades the box works better than new. Unfortunately there was no fix for a bad (worn) worm until now. With all new seals and gaskets the finished box was filled with ATF and did not leak. This will allow any modern gear oil to be used in the box instead of the tar like grease that was used when new. Every box that I have taken apart so far that has had an attempt to repair it has turned out to be junk. Several people who have advertised to repair these boxes have caused severe damage to the box and in almost all cases have made all the parts unusable and non-repairable. I have been restoring Classic Cars to the highest standards for over 20 years. All my work is done satisfaction guaranteed. I also make over 100 reproduction parts for Pierce Arrow cars and Stromberg carburetors. All my parts fit and function as the originals, guaranteed or your money back. The worm project is complicated and requires difficult machine work to the box and sector shaft as well as other modifications for seals and bearing upgrades, thus it is not practical for worms to be sold over the counter as they would still require additional modifications to the box to be used. The cost of the worms will depend upon how many I manufacture. I currently have one customer that wants a right hand drive worm. I hope to get a few more orders in able to get the cost per worm lower. With the high cost of the worms I don’t intend to try and mark them up, and thus will only benefit from any labor involved in the rebuilding of the box. My COST on the worms is:

1 worm $1650.00

2 worms $1350.00

3 worms $1250.00

5 worms $1000.00

Newly manufactured worms will come to me be needing the bearing surface ground. They will be made from 52100 steel and heat treated. My flat rate to rebuild the Gemmer box with all the above modifications with parts and labor is $1850.00 and if you need a worm you would add the dollar amount to the flat rate depending on how many worms we make. A good guess for total cost of a rebuild with worm is $3000.00

If you have any questions, please call me during east coast business hours at 413-543-9017. Thanks, John Cislak, Classic Auto.

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