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Ed Linn told me that the adjustment has to be the exact amount shown on the gearset and that any other attempt to adjust simply will not work! He basically poo-poo’d any attempt to set up the gears using pattern. I’m not smart enough to understand either part of this discussion on set-up!Ed is Phil Bray’s ‘go to’ guy for any gear problems and has lots of experience.

Last summer Phil proposed that I take my car to Ed and Phil would pay the labor if any fault was found with the gearset. I never did that because Ed said that given the 2,000 plus miles on the gearset since Scott installed it, there was no way that Ed could ever determine ‘for certain’if the problem was with the gears or the installation. In that scenario he wasn’t optimistic about Phil’s likely willingness to actually pay the bill.

I have confidence in both Scott and Ed, but will always believe that improper lapping is what we all should watch out for with these gearsets. Anything prior to 2010 should be suspect. I don’t know the gearset number on mine, but it was purchased somewhere in the 2004-2005 period. And you know about the off-throttle noise that we have with my 1247.

If you take it to Ed to have it installed, it will come out right as he will handle any issues with Phil until it is correct. Otherwise it seems to be something of a gamble.

Other than with P-A’s the only complaints I have ever heard about Phil Bray’s gears have been price related, so hopefully going forward there will be no more problems.

I think the 3.85 is a good choice for the 8. If I could snap my fingers and do it over with the 12 I’d choose the taller ratio as the car still has gobs of power in normal driving with the 3.85.

Good luck!