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The initial settings for the Stromberg 03 carburetor are:

Main jet unscrewed 2 1/2 turns

Idle jet unscrewed 1 turn.

The main jet creates a richer mixture when Unscrewed [counter clockwise.

The idle jet is the reverse, it is an air jet not fuel, so it creates a richer mixture when turned IN, that’s clockwise.

Currently I have an 03 running with exactly 2 1/2 turns out on the main, but the idle needs to be at about 2 full turns out to not be too rich, so the idle initial setting is different than the owners manual states.

Make sure your choke lever is fully open and that the choke lever-enrichment jet is fully seated, leaving about 1/32″ clearance from the lever to the nut on the enrichment jet.

Hope this helps.

Greg Long”