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When Greg mentions the Ford Parts dealer for the transmission and rear axle oil, I believe he meant to say OLD Ford parts dealer (Model A), as in LeBaron Bonney and such. The 600w is dark, stinky, thick stuff, but that is what you want for this application and in the steering box.

For the differential use only GL-4 rated oil (SAE 140), not GL-5 or GL-6 as it is said to attack the bronze bushing of the differential gears (I believe that there is some debate on this matter).

Regarding the oil filter, do you have a firewall mounted filter canister? If so, FRAM makes a filter to fit (CH192PL)). IF not, then you are on your own to fit one.

Regarding oil capacity, Tom is correct in that it requires nine quarts, but a quart more does not hurt or maybe a pint or two of STP.

All of Paul’s suggestions are spot on and I wish that I had put the roofing felt under my pyramid aluminum.