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I ran the external oil line on my v-12 and I can tell you ANY Pierce needs the extra lubrication. If you run the oil line you must install a modern seal, or the cover WILL LEAK lots of oil. John Cislak makes covers with the conversion done on the seal, and oil lines, fittings, and a correct meetered oil dump. You must not put too much oil on the chain or you can get lifter tick at idle. Pierce V-12 pressure is fine on a good engine, my car holds 20 lbs at idle on a hot day no problem. Factory timing chain lubrication was done as a bypass or dump from the end of the cam. Be sure also you have a correct oil slinger and shield installed as they are often missing. If you need photos, just ask and I will post them. If you didn’t make new cam bearings you are going to have trouble. Ed