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Hi Walt, glad to hear you still have custody of the Silver Arrow. You acquiring that car enabled me to acquire a 1937 Cord phaeton, which went back to Auburn last month for the first time in a long time! Sure liked the Silver Arrow, though.

Diesel is what I hear, particularly in newer trucks. GMC quit putting the big gas engine in 3/4 ton trucks in 2006, so after that date, diesel is your only choice. Still don’t understand a 3/4 ton truck with what is basically a small block engine that they’ve built since then, but federal regulations on mileage killed that concept….

Pat Mr. Sterling on the fender and say hi for me, like my Cord but miss the mechanical excellence of the V-12….and have a great memory of buying the SA from Moline while everyone else was at a Pierce meet back in the 1980’s!!! And driving it through the rolling hills of Texas, to Pate Museum, at a Pierce meet way back when…