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Hello Walt,

I agree with what the guys said above. Your cars are going to be in the 5000 to 5500 lb range, so you are going to need every bit of the capacity that Greg and Ed talked about.

One thing that is nice to have in a trailer are adjustable tie down points, especially if you are going to be towing multiple different sizes and weights of cars. This is done with various slotted tracks built into the trailer floor and accompanying tie downs. If you just have 4 fixed tie down points in the floor of the trailer, you don’t have much flexibility for locating the cars front to back for proper load distribution.

A metal deck in the trailer is also nice feature. Plywood decking is noisy as the edges of the plywood rub together creaking…kind of like the floor in an old house. Metal floors are also easier to keep clean of oil and gasoline. If you do go with a wood deck, Epoxy paint applied to the floor will seal it and make it more user friendly.

A side door is a nice feature so that you can easily get into and out of the car for loading and unloading without having to inhale deeply to reduce one’s waistline or bang the car door against the inside wall of the trailer.

Perhaps the feature that I like the most is one that Ralph McKittrick told me about. I had an electric winch mounted to the frame on the floor of my trailer way at the front. It is a 12 Volt 12,000 lb winch. I run it off a deep discharge marine battery and it works great for loading and unloading by yourself. These cars are large and there is not much room on either side between your car and the wheel wells of the trailer. It is hard to see while you are driving, and unless you are an old pro at loading and unloading, it can be a little un-nerving. With the winch, you can stand in front of the car holding a remote switch, see your clearance on both sides, and move the car in (or out) 1 foot at a time. If you see a problem, you stop. Also, if the car has quit running for some reason (not that your cars would do that) you can still get it into the trailer and get it home.

Happy Motoring,