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Hello Walter,

Regarding the trailer, any good trailer builder will want specific dimensions of the vehicles you will carry. They should get so specific as to want a ton of dimensions, as in, the distance from the bumper to the front edge of the front door, from the rear bumper to the back of the front door, etc. This is so they can make the trailer and position the tie downs and jump door exactly where you need them. I had an extra set of tie down hooks placed forward of what I needed for my Series 80. Extra dome light sets (three sets of two) are good as is a second spare tire and an extra roof vent. The winch should run off of the battery that connects to the electric jack to raise and lower the tongue (no hand cranking). The winch can be installed after the fact at a good savings. Flooring as Chris mentioned is a big deal, but most reputable trailers will give you at least a 5-year warranty on the wood floor. As usual, everything depends on how much you want to spend. $10k should get your a nice 24-ft enclosed trailer with a 7-1/2-foot interior height + extras, which is necessary for a Series 80 or three. If you want more, then you will spend more. You are out west, so you need to hunt there. I have a United Trailer, UTX, but they are an Indiana group and that is a long way, freight wise, from Washington state. Good luck, Peter