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A Short Story!

Five years ago I started to restore my 1936 Pierce. When connecting the fuel supply, I installed a NEW electric fuel pump that had been sitting on a shelf in the garage. The car is done now, and last month I decided I’d take it for a little spin. I flipped the toggle switch on, this pumps the fuel from the electric pump to the carb. It pumped very fast; but, didn’t shut off? I turned the key on anyway, and it started. Backing out of the garage I noticed a liquid trail following me out, I turned the engine off, to investigate. The electric pump was still clicking away, I shut it off, and noticed it wasn’t water (as I suspected): but gas! I can only imagine, after reading what happen to Jerry Bertran’s car, what could have happened, in my case, if I put it into 1st and took off. I really thought I had overfilled the radiator and it was blowing out the excess through the overflow tube.

So, a word of caution: Get rid of those older electric pumps–put one in that is ethanol friendly (safe) and while you’re at it replace any old rubber (gas) lines that aren’t ethanol friendly.

I WONDER ???? Are more cases, like Jerry’s, out there???