Roger Bise, MD
Regional Director
8308 Mile Tree Drive
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Assistant Director
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Roger Bise, MD
8308 Mile Tree Drive
Ft. Smith, AR  72903

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Newsletter Editor
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Southern Delta Region

The Southern Delta Region of the Pierce-Arrow Society seeks to further the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Pierce-Arrow automobile. Holding firmly to the belief that Pierce-Arrows were built to be driven, the Region conducts two annual tours, generally Spring and Fall.

The Region is also dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company. In this regard, the Southern Delta Region supports the Pierce-Arrow Museum at Gilmore and its Foundation by conducting and/or participating in all forms of museum fund-raising. For instance, Southern Delta Region members have donated numerous parts in return for museum donations. Likewise, Southern Delta Region members are active in the financing of quality reprodution parts, all for the benefit of museum fund-raising and the restoration projects of their friends.

The Southern Delta Region operates under the By-Laws of the Pierce-Arrow Society. Members of the Southern Delta Region must first be members of the Pierce-Arrow Society.

Some select excerpts from our

"Tour Notes" Newsletter...

Southern Delta Region Sets New Attendance Record for The 2020 Gathering at Gilmore!

The Southern Delta Region salutes Dave and Diana Stevens for conducting another wonderful and much needed Annual Gathering at Gilmore in spite of the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic.

And the Southern Delta Region responded to the invitation with a turnout of 80% of their total membership – an attendance record that no doubt will be long standing!

General attendance even surprised Dave and Diana Stevens: 54 PAS members, 14 cars, one Travelodge and one bicycle.

Great weather prevailed and all cars preformed flawlessly on Saturday’s tour. Every participant happily honored Dave Stevens’ request to wear masks and maintain recommended social distancing. Elbow touching replaced hugs and warm handshakes as is normally seen among this close group of friends. Everyone expressed deep appreciation to Dave and Diana for stepping up and providing a semblance of the “Old Normal” which was so very much needed.

Your humble editor profoundly believes that no one other than Dave and Diana Stevens could have produced this successful event under such difficult conditions!

A very special treat of the Gathering was seeing Ted Lee’s new 1931 Model 43 Sport Touring restored by Ron Blissett.  The People’s Choice Awards overwhelmingly voted First Place to the fine car.

Ted confided to your editor that he probably would not have restored this car had Ron Blissett not agreed to do the restoration (see footnote below). According to Ted, “After two year’s of pleading, Ron could no longer deny the persistent request of a friend and I’m glad he couldn’t!”  

Your editor agrees!

Pierce-Arrow Reproduction Travelodge Stoves Nearing Completion

The scarce and much sought after Pierce-Arrow Travelodge stoves are now in the final stages of reproduction. This is being accomplished by the tenacious and devoted Dave Johnson (see New SDR Member Profile).  As a service to the Pierce-Arrow Museum, Dave has donated the many hours necessary to making the fourteen patterns and molds required for a complete stove. Several molds had to be remade before success was achieved. Many trips to the casting foundry were required.

The original stove used for making casting patterns and molds for the reproduction came from Liz Horne. She bought the complete and perfect little stove on Craig’s List with the hope of utilizing it on camping trips. After Rick pointed out that he considers Holiday Inn Express as close to “roughing it” as he ever plans to be, Liz passed her jewel on to your humble editor who will use it for his Model B restoration.

The Museum will have two stoves available, a fully functional cast iron model and a black painted aluminum display model. The aluminum stove will appear authentic however it is not capable of a hot fire.   As seen below the stoves will be complete with heat shield and ash trey.

The target prices are $2150 for the cast iron model and $1750 for the display model, however the final charges from the foundry will determine price.