1932, car, 54, Club Sedan

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Seems that I love anything with wheels and an engine. Raised in Los Angeles, there were so many amazing cars in the 60’s and 70’s. My first old car experience was with a friend’s ‘56 Buick Special that he bought for $300 around 1974. Fast forward to 1985, I bought a ‘36 Cadillac 60 Series Sedan. BIG mistake! At great mental and financial expense over nine years, certainly learned what not to do with old cars and which ones to avoid. Shortly afterwards I bought a ‘47 Packard Custom Super, an original paint/interior car. Bullet-proof reliable, sold it when the job market in California evaporated around 1991. I was out of the old car thing for close to twenty years when I happened on a stashed-away ‘35 Packard Coupe Roadster with history since new. Then came a ‘37 Cadillac 75 Convertible sedan and a ‘52 Hudson Hornet. For some reason that I still don’t recall, I sold all three cars and took a wild detour into old motorcycles. Well, that has run its course for now and I want a terrific ‘30’s Full Classic to use for car tours. Got a terrific totally original or older, no-BS restored P-A that needs a new caretaker? Shoot me some details and let’s talk.