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Hi Joe,

Interesting. A couple of ideas. Does it appear to be a Pierce 8? The Studebaker 8 engine would be similar, but would look fairly different. For example, Studebaker heads are more rounded and have their water outlet in a different place than the Pierce. The Manifolds are different and the wiring tube is different. Can you get a picture of the engine in the ’30 and post it, or send it to me?

Other ideas, any chance that the 1st digit in the engine serial # is a "3" instead of an "8"? These are really hard to read on the side of the block. If it is a "3", it would be in the range of the 1930 Model A Pierce engines. Maybe someone did a swap over the years. Try and verify what the first digit of the S/N on the engine is.

Pierce did make engines with "8" as the leading digit, but they would be 6 cylinder Series 80 engines!

Good luck on your Pierces and happy motoring!

Chris Diekman