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    I am seriously considering purchasing a 1930 Model B 134 inch wheelbase (roadster) Pierce-Arrow. The serial number is in the range given on this web site, but the engine number is 800715, which does not correspond to the range 200001 – 203370 given on this site. I haven’t actually seen the car in person, but I’m 90% sure that this is the actual engine number (the number location corresponds to the location shown in the picture on this site). What could be going on here? Could this be a Studebaker engine? Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hi Joe,

    Interesting. A couple of ideas. Does it appear to be a Pierce 8? The Studebaker 8 engine would be similar, but would look fairly different. For example, Studebaker heads are more rounded and have their water outlet in a different place than the Pierce. The Manifolds are different and the wiring tube is different. Can you get a picture of the engine in the ’30 and post it, or send it to me?

    Other ideas, any chance that the 1st digit in the engine serial # is a "3" instead of an "8"? These are really hard to read on the side of the block. If it is a "3", it would be in the range of the 1930 Model A Pierce engines. Maybe someone did a swap over the years. Try and verify what the first digit of the S/N on the engine is.

    Pierce did make engines with "8" as the leading digit, but they would be 6 cylinder Series 80 engines!

    Good luck on your Pierces and happy motoring!

    Chris Diekman


    Hi- That would be a fun car! If it happens to be the car that is advertised through a broker recently, be a little careful of what you pay for the car if you buy it. I was discussing a custom bodied Franklin with an owner who had this broker advertising the car, and the owner stated that the car could be bought for significantly less than what the broker was stating. Just a thought. Happy (Pierce!) motoring! dc


    I’m not sure whether this will work, but here is my attempt to send you a picture of the engine.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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