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Bill, thanks for the photo. The tool roll you own is the same roll I am working on reproducing and will have for sale. I was able to borrow one for the project from a 1925 Series 80 Roadster. The material was green duck cloth, not tan as your bag but identical in construction. I then photographed a 1927 Series 80 coach kit from an other low mile car, this roll is in the same tan clothe as in your photograph. My first run of bags will be some of each color. The bags are cut, sewn, and binding installed. I am waiting for a call from the leather shop and they are ready to go. I can not confirm that the 8 or 12 cylinder cars continued to use this roll, however the Fairmont tool Co. was still the preferred source. Maybe we can find someone who can give us a photo from a low mile 1930’s car tool kit. Karl