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Hi Cal,

The decals for the side cover plates over the valve train are about 4" long. PAS Member Larry Sorcher sells these very reasonably. He is listed in the PAS Roster and the PAS Parts and Services Directory. CCCA also sells these decals and they, too, are listed in the Parts and Services Directory. You may want to look into either of these sources.

Chrome plated valve cover plates were optional, and are a nice accent under the hood if one chooses to do so.

For what it is worth, not to disagree with Bill, but my carburetor on my ’31 is black paint on the upper half of the carburetor, where the butterfly valves are, and plain grey die-cast on the lower half, the air horn, etc. I have seen several UU2/UUR-2 carburetors finished in this manner. I have not seen one that is "brass" finished or yellow chromated.

I can send you a digital picture of my carburetor if that would be helpful.

Also, the Pierce Arrow Service Bulletins, specifically number 75-4 has color recommendations for under the hood (as well as factory body paint schemes). These are available from the Editor in hardcopy, or are reproduced on the CD’s sold to members by the Society.

Happy Motoring,

Chris Diekman