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Hi George- next time I go over there I will try to get the serial number; it is not "readable" from behind the barriers, will see if one of the docents will let me get close enough to copy it. There is an 840 in the museum, an older restoration it appears. I was wondering what the deal was with the privately owned cars there. Luckily there is a short rainy season here, the museum was leaking (through the roof) on numerous cars Sunday when I was there.

I am going to be in Sacramento about 75% of the time for the next 4 months or so, heading up a project of production modifications to the Crystal Dairy plant there. Would love to visit with some of the area Pierce guys! I’ll get in touch with you and/or Bob to arrange something. Right now I plan to be out here March 3-12, then again March 17-26.

Thanks! David Coco