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    Hi- am on assignment in Sacramento, 9 days of every two weeks. Spent some time at Towe museum, 1911 Pierce 48 and 1910 Peerless side by side. Just for curiousity, who owns one or both of these cars, it is not noted in museum. thanks David Coco


    David, if you have the Pierce serial number, I can tell you who owns it. I haven’t been to the Towe for a couple of years, at which time the only Pierce was a 1934 840A owned by Dick Ryder.

    FYI, the Towe displays / stores cars for collectors for a fee of about $50/month (as of a couple of years ago), which is a lot cheaper than garage rent in this area.

    If you have any free time to visit other Pierces in the Bay Area during your Sacramento trips, let Bob Jacobsen or me know–but I won’t be back in town until March 7 (visiting friends in FL after the March 1 Savannah board meeting).



    Hi George- next time I go over there I will try to get the serial number; it is not "readable" from behind the barriers, will see if one of the docents will let me get close enough to copy it. There is an 840 in the museum, an older restoration it appears. I was wondering what the deal was with the privately owned cars there. Luckily there is a short rainy season here, the museum was leaking (through the roof) on numerous cars Sunday when I was there.

    I am going to be in Sacramento about 75% of the time for the next 4 months or so, heading up a project of production modifications to the Crystal Dairy plant there. Would love to visit with some of the area Pierce guys! I’ll get in touch with you and/or Bob to arrange something. Right now I plan to be out here March 3-12, then again March 17-26.

    Thanks! David Coco



    Pierces of that vintage have engine numbers identical to the serial (chassis) numbers (unless it’s a replacement engine), so it may be easier to get that if one of the docents will let you lift the hood — or do so themselves.

    Contact Bob Jacobsen for the date and location of our NorCal spring brunch in March–we’d be delighted to have such a distinguished visitor!



    Hi- the data plate is clearly visible on the passenger (left) side of the body, at bottom of cowl; I just could not read it from behind the display chains, and did not want to cross them. I’ll contact Bob, if I can would love to come visit, although I’d have to bring someone with me if you want a "distinguished" visitor, as doubt that I fit that billing. dc


    Hi Dave.

    If you are still in Sacramento 9 days out of every two weeks I would be very happy to see you. I live in Davis, which is about 20 miles from the Crystal Dairy plant. I am in the club roster and all information in the 2008 PAS directory is correct. We’d be happy to have you over for dinner if you have time.

    Lee Garoyan


    Hi Lee- thanks for your gracious offer. The project I was working on is just about completed, and I am now working on another close to home project. I will probably be back out in Sacramento sometime in the next couple of months, and will contact you then. Thanks!! David Coco



    I am a PAS member, own a ’29 Convertible Coupe and am the incoming President of the Board of the Towe Auto Museum. The placard with the car indicates that Sue Wiseman is the owner of the Pierce. The plate on the left side of the car shows a car#8483, motor#8483 and HR 48. My understanding is that the owner is very sensitive to being contacted and kept the car hidden for some time after her husband/owner passed away. We believe that the car was purchased at a Harrah Auction. She also owns the Peerless right next to the Pierce.

    Hope that helps.

    Joe Hensler


    A request has been placed to add this car to the museum directory.


    Hi- yes, I know now that Sue Wiseman is the owner of the Pierce, although the information on the placard may be more recent than my last visit to the museum. The story that I have is that Sue’s father did some trading with Bill Harrah, they were friends in the earlier days and the days of Harrah’s “glory”, and it was privately bartered, not auctioned. I believe the bartering involved another early Pierce that Harrah wanted. The Peerless is actually owned by her brother, I assume as part of the estate division.

    Ms. Wiseman’s Pierce is a beautiful car. Thanks David Coco

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