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I. H. Jensen Automobile Shop in Hojer

As to the discussion of the danish built body of the 1934 Pierce-Arrow I can tell you that it was founded by Mr. Jensen in 1877. The name Hojer is the name of the little town in which he was living. As many of the automobile body builder he also started up with building horse wagons. It was his son, Hans Jensen, that in 1918 (after the ww-1) begun to build bodies on automobile chassis. As the town was close to the boarder of Germany, he travelled a lot in that country and got his inspiration for the style of his cabriolets. He employed round 20 men. The capacity in the 30ties was about 20 bodies a year. 10-11 Pierce-Arrow bodies were built in Hojer. In the beginning of the fifties the company was shut down. Enclosed is a photo of an Adler automobile delivered to my country – Norway. You van see the N for Norway at the rear.