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Clay, By no means do I consider myself a ‘guru,’ but I have a Model A with a decently-but-not perfectly restored interior that awaits exterior restoration. Look for the big 2-tone blue one among the pix of the 2006 Nat’l Meet in Redmond, OR.

The INTERIOR is the greatest determinant of value: how many original fixtures (heater, stove, icebox, lamps, etc) are in the offered Travelodge?

Travelodges are delightful to tow–you hardly know they’re back there, largely due to independent suspension (no axle, tubular leading arm for each spindle and 1/4-elliptic spring for trailing arm.

Their greatest problem is electrolytic corrosion between the steel frame and the aluminum skin (resulting in deterioration at the bottom of the skin) which were separated by what we call tarpaper today. This can be dealt with…

Feel free to email me at my Roster address (see e-Roster in Members Section) for more info. Don’t be dismayed when my spamblocker sends you an automated msg–I clean out the limbo box half a dozen times a day.