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Does your car have the fender headlamps or bracket lamps? Many of the Pierce Arrows that were exported used bracket mounted headlamps due to local regulations.I have seen photos of circa 1933-1934 Pierce Arrows fitted with French Marchal headlamps on brackets.Other European lamps of the period were Bosch,Grebel,Zeiss and Scintilla.If you have bracket lamps you have some options.Even with fenderlamp housings,I know Marchal made headlamps of varying diameters in the 1930’s and the right sized pair

could be adapted to fit the Pierce Arrow fender housings.In photos I have seen of these fitted to US cars,the Marchal rims,lenses and reflectors were all mated to the original lamp housing.The situation was reversed but similar many years later when imported cars into the US had to be fitted with SAE sealed beam headlamps which required special rims and hardware.