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    Dear PAS friends,

    I am a new member of your association. My name is Roger Akersten and I live in Sweden. I visit Hershey last October and there I found a 1934 840A EDL which was sold as new in Sweden. So I have to bring it back home.

    Now to my problem. I have no headlights. Behind the head lamp lens there is nothing. Unfortunately I do not know what all the things in the headlight housing are called in English, but I am sure you know what parts I mean. So please is there someone who knew where to find what I need. I also have use for a new wire harness.

    Many thanks




    You need the reflectors,bulbs and sockets.The bulbs are the easy part but Pierce Arrow reflectors are not easy to find.However many times on US cars delivered new in Europe,the lamps were fitted with Bosch or Marchal reflectors and lenses so as to have the cars conform to local laws.You might be able to locate a pair in the proper dimensions.Hope this helps.




    Thank you for your answer. But I think there have to be more parts than lenses and reflectors. Some kind of reflector house and a frame to hold the reflector. There is no parts so i can be able to adjust the reflector and get the right beam on the road.

    The reflectors and lenses I have found so far in Europe is only 7 inches. I need larger ones. What is the right size for my Pierce? Any who knows.




    It looks like you make expensive trips!Your search for headlight

    parts should start in the Society’s Parts and Services Site.I have

    had luck with Blonder-Murray Reproductions and Don Axelrod.Their

    contact information is located on the site.

    I know of no other club that has made it so organized and convenient

    to find impossible rare parts.These autos were made in low numbers and

    not supported by much of an aftermarket supply.Prepare to be patient

    and dig deep in your wallet.Welcome,and good luck.




    To be a little more specific you need:

    1. A pair of 8 inch Dia reflectors.

    2. 2 bulb sockets

    3. 2 pivot stud assemblies for each reflector

    4. 2 9-5/8 inch outside diameter reflector mounting rings with adjusting

    screws. These were originally die-cast or pot metal, but were

    reproduced in bronze at some point.

    5. If your car is the Black and Gray one that was for sale at Hershey you also need the proper headlight rims.

    Dave Murray in Gig Harbor WA. may have some of these parts.

    Terry Wenger



    Thank you for your information. Yes the car is the one from Hershey. When I saw your answeer I have to check what have been done with the headlights.

    Even the Headlight housing is not original. They are homemade for about 40 years ago. Have spoked with he who did it. So even if I buy all the stuff you describe, I am not shure it will fit. It looks to me I have to buy all parts anyway and then probably make a new housing. We have to see.



    Does your car have the fender headlamps or bracket lamps? Many of the Pierce Arrows that were exported used bracket mounted headlamps due to local regulations.I have seen photos of circa 1933-1934 Pierce Arrows fitted with French Marchal headlamps on brackets.Other European lamps of the period were Bosch,Grebel,Zeiss and Scintilla.If you have bracket lamps you have some options.Even with fenderlamp housings,I know Marchal made headlamps of varying diameters in the 1930’s and the right sized pair

    could be adapted to fit the Pierce Arrow fender housings.In photos I have seen of these fitted to US cars,the Marchal rims,lenses and reflectors were all mated to the original lamp housing.The situation was reversed but similar many years later when imported cars into the US had to be fitted with SAE sealed beam headlamps which required special rims and hardware.

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