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Since most of us Pierce owners have never seen a Pierce truck… Thanks to all who have contacted me here and by e-mail about my new toy and give me words of encougagement. The photo I posted does not give you a good idea of just how big everything is on this truck.I now have an owners manual, and would like to share a few specs. with you from this booklet.

Cooling system: 14 gallons

Gas tank (under the seat): 25 gallons

Rear axle: 7 quarts

engine oil; 17 pints

Trans.: 1 gallon

Warranty: 90 days! and does not cover: Tires, rims, ignition, horn, starter, generators, batteries, and speedometers

A 1927 scale book came with the truck(with dump bed), now gone, empty weight 13,200 pounds! The average weight gross was 29,000 lbs. (just a few ton over the rated 5 ton at 16 mph shown on the frame data plate.

More later. Karl

Still need above parts