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    I just purchased a 1921 Model X-5 5 ton truck. I am looking for a starter, Generator, and any extra engine parts you may have for sale. This truck has set for the last 70 years and will require a longer list of needed parts as time goes by to complete. I will concider any pile of truck parts you have. Thanks, Karl Krouch Sr.


    Hi Karl, Thats the truck I saw and posted here from craigslist. It looks great! I just have too many projects to take on another. Ed


    Great truck Karl! Thanks for posting the picture…keep us posted on progress.



    Since most of us Pierce owners have never seen a Pierce truck… Thanks to all who have contacted me here and by e-mail about my new toy and give me words of encougagement. The photo I posted does not give you a good idea of just how big everything is on this truck.I now have an owners manual, and would like to share a few specs. with you from this booklet.

    Cooling system: 14 gallons

    Gas tank (under the seat): 25 gallons

    Rear axle: 7 quarts

    engine oil; 17 pints

    Trans.: 1 gallon

    Warranty: 90 days! and does not cover: Tires, rims, ignition, horn, starter, generators, batteries, and speedometers

    A 1927 scale book came with the truck(with dump bed), now gone, empty weight 13,200 pounds! The average weight gross was 29,000 lbs. (just a few ton over the rated 5 ton at 16 mph shown on the frame data plate.

    More later. Karl

    Still need above parts


    Front and rear wheels measure three feet tall, Truck is 8’6″ tall at center of cab, from front bumper to end of frame rail: 19’6″ long. Karl


    I love those run flat tires!


    Please check your extra parts pile for the following rebuildable items I need for this truck:

    Delco Starter #202

    Delco Generator #201

    This uses Distributor #5225, looking for 2 dist. caps (4cyl.) and point sets for the same. I can email photos or drawings of items.

    Thanks, Karl


    Update on 21 Pierce truck: I spent two hours at the AACA Library on Friday trying to make sure I own a 1921 truck. The Pierce collection contained the same owners manual, same date, and page count as I have except for a red cover, not green like mine. I took the vin. number to see if I could confirm the 1921 date shown on my title. Well… the years still 1921, however the parts book showed it as a R10 5 ton truck not a X-5 5 ton. I re-checked my delco book and all parts on my want list remain the same as before. I also will need a headgasket if anyone has an extra for sale. Fitzgerald no. 298 or 298HD. Pierce #T86800. I compaired page after page of the parts book and see no changes from the X-5 to R10 except for the engine, after engine number 800 the X-5 and all R10s have a different headgasket making me wonder what changes were made to the cooling system or piston dispacement? More later. Karl

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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