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I have the feeling that part of my problem may be in the voltage regulator. Last night I took the car out again and then checked the voltage output at the generator. The digital reading was jumping around so much I could not tell what the output was. I then put my battery charger on to see where the two 6 volt optima batterys were at. They were almost all the way down, which tells me the generator was not keeping up with the needs of the car which includes the electric fuel pump. My next questions are what is an electronic unit , where do I get one and how do I install it? I also wonder if I need to take the generator out and have a qualified shop check it out.

I think that I have taken care of the cooling system, as an hour of summer driving and half an hour running in driveway with no over heating indicates to me that things are under control. When I rebuilt the engine, I had Bill Lawton rebuild the water pump with a new impeller and ss water pump shaft. Thanks Doug