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Update on 21 Pierce truck: I spent two hours at the AACA Library on Friday trying to make sure I own a 1921 truck. The Pierce collection contained the same owners manual, same date, and page count as I have except for a red cover, not green like mine. I took the vin. number to see if I could confirm the 1921 date shown on my title. Well… the years still 1921, however the parts book showed it as a R10 5 ton truck not a X-5 5 ton. I re-checked my delco book and all parts on my want list remain the same as before. I also will need a headgasket if anyone has an extra for sale. Fitzgerald no. 298 or 298HD. Pierce #T86800. I compaired page after page of the parts book and see no changes from the X-5 to R10 except for the engine, after engine number 800 the X-5 and all R10s have a different headgasket making me wonder what changes were made to the cooling system or piston dispacement? More later. Karl