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I have heard so many great things about this meet. I am so sorry that Claire and I could not attend. However, I cannot believe there was no touble truck again. I provided for the board probably at the winter meet in Savannah, all the legal waivers etc, that the CCCA researched and paid attorneys to scope out. Katie Robbins sent me all that info, and I presented it to the board. They had a member some years ago who tried to set up the club for a repair (unwarranted) after a trouble truck had picked him up. I thought we had resolved this. For people like Bob who always bring a car, and for people like me who have also broken down on club tours, this is an absolute necessity. A friend of mine had an accident on the Packard national meet in Gettysburg, last week. The trouble truck was right behind him, and provided him with immediate and needed relief. I do not know who is resisting this mandate, but darn it let’s make this a mandate for every national meet. More discussion please. No negatives from people who don’t ever tour, thank you.