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    Thanks go out to Tony Doughty and the entire meet team for a great meet!



    I agree with Bill, it was a great time. Thanks to all the people who ran another successful annual meet.


    10-4, it was a great meet and it was nice to see all the participants again.


    We agree with the previous comments. Wonderful accommodations, wonderful people, wonderful time!

    Chris & Delphine


    A cool cave,Mississippi riverboat ride and world class art collection

    visit,should be considered as necessary,when planning future annual

    meets.Thanks to all who paid attention to all the details that made

    this meet so successful and enjoyable.

    Tony Costa


    My family and I want to thank all of you for such a warm and friendly welcome into our first meet. What a GREAT club! From the start, Tony called me personally to welcome us and later took us for a ride and ice cream. Everyone we met at the meet was very friendly and made us feel like we were part of the PA family. Fay and the judging crew showed me the process of judging beautiful cars as Ed amazed me with his PA knowledge. The ladies showed my wife and kids a meet isn’t “a guy thing” while many of the the guys have already started searching for a car for us. This is a great club to belong to!

    Thank you,

    Scott & Monica McConkey


    The “UP SIDE:”

    I concur, this Meet was one of the GREAT ONES! Dave Harris, Pat and Tony and the rest of the Committee did a wonderful job. The TOURS were second to none. The Mayowood Home, Niagara Caverns were an experience. Only wish I had known of the Mayo Clinic Tour, oh well, next time! John and Bob have a rough road to follow for 2011.

    Now; the “DOWN SIDE:”

    On the way to Montarville and lunch at the Hubble House, my Pierce threw a “FIT,” and died! After an hours wait, I convinced the family to load up,leave us (my son-in-law & I) and continue on. Never thinking it would take another 2 1/2 hrs for the AAA to arrive. To long a wait, along such a busy and fast moving country road. Dangerous? You bet! In the past we have had “trouble trucks,” never needed any, so I didn’t miss them. You don’t know how good you’ve got it, until you lose it! PLEASE, BRING BACK THE BACKUP! Before something serious happens.

    Thank You,



    I have heard so many great things about this meet. I am so sorry that Claire and I could not attend. However, I cannot believe there was no touble truck again. I provided for the board probably at the winter meet in Savannah, all the legal waivers etc, that the CCCA researched and paid attorneys to scope out. Katie Robbins sent me all that info, and I presented it to the board. They had a member some years ago who tried to set up the club for a repair (unwarranted) after a trouble truck had picked him up. I thought we had resolved this. For people like Bob who always bring a car, and for people like me who have also broken down on club tours, this is an absolute necessity. A friend of mine had an accident on the Packard national meet in Gettysburg, last week. The trouble truck was right behind him, and provided him with immediate and needed relief. I do not know who is resisting this mandate, but darn it let’s make this a mandate for every national meet. More discussion please. No negatives from people who don’t ever tour, thank you.


    I agree with Bob and Tony that we should always have a Trouble Truck at the meet. The P-A Society needs to listen to these two respected senior members who have probably been to more meets and done more tours than most of it’s members.


    A trouble truck would be a good idea. It may get more people willing to participate on the tours with their cars. We used my pick up and trailer for the New England meet in New Hampshire years ago, and it worked out fine. As Tony said, a waiver would be a good idea for anyone needing it’s service. Ed


    I also want to say that the meet was excellent. The meet committee did a great job.

    My car also had a fuel pump hiccup that took me a while to resolve. I really could have used a trouble truck at that time. Please add that to the future requirements for the meets

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