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Thanks Ralph,

I’m pretty good at taking things apart. Actually, if you could get the gas cap off that would help…it’s been stuck for years and years!

It looks like yours had a windshield added too. I took the windshield off mine and found mounting holes (and shiny red paint) that matched the mounting brackets for the grab rail going up the cowl. I think the grab rail originally extended across the top of the cowl.

As far as fire trucks go, mine isn’t too big…23 feet long from front bumper to the back of the platform across the back. The top of the hose reel is lower than the top on my Series 33.

It doesn’t have a pump, only the two chemical tanks, lots of plumbing and valves, and the hose reel. The back is (was) a wooden hose bed…metal on the outside, but strips of wood on the inside, presumably to let water drain out. It has dual wheels on the back and a brake on the drive-shaft.

The front fenders/hood are Series 80, but the dash and instruments are different…not Series 80, 81, 33 or 36.