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I am a purist.This can get you relagated,castigated and negated by the free thinkers in cardom.But you can’t have it both ways.I see my role as being the good shepherd of old cars.Ushering them forth to a new generation.It’s a romantic pursuit(in a very un-romantic age).I have no

control what the next generation will do to the cars.

Hot rodders are about themselves.It is ego driven.Yes,often their cars

are exciting to drive.They are justifiably proud of their craftmanship.

Many are a beauty to behold.Each example can lead to the demise of a historical piece of Americana.When I see a rod,I think of it as the living dead,a morphodite.And that grinding sound you hear is another one biting the dust.Rodders are a prolific bunch.Just check Ebay Motors.It’s getting harder to find a stock car.

Old cars can be as reliable as hot rods if they are set up right.Our problem is that they don’t get used regularly.

Hot rodders are seeking out rare cars.This competition increases the cost to save a car(from zombie-hood).

Remember to love the sinner and hate the sins.Alot of rodders are great guys(a model T orig. type speedster and 1934 Hupp AeroDynamic 421J ,hot

rods,followed me home).I do pennance by doting on my Pierce-Arrows.

Tony Costa