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Hello Milton,

From your description, the pressure that the electric fuel pump is delivering is overpowering the needle and valve seat in the carburetor. Usually, on these electric fuel pump integrations, it is useful to put a regulator in between the electric fuel pump and the carburetor. The fuel pressure should really be down to 1-2 PSI to avoid overwhelming the Stromberg. Many (but not all) modern electric fuel pumps easily exceed this kind of pressure, often in the 5-8 PSI range (not sure which pump you have installed).

While you are working on your fuel system, it is a good idea to get a good fuel filter in your line between the tank and the electric fuel pump.

There are some good fuel system guidelines from George Teebay in the last PASB, these would be helpful to you, also.

Happy Motoring,

Chris Diekman