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Several years ago I was successful in doing business with Val Blazer I bought a right side tail light bracket at a good price and within 90 days. However stories about him are not good! Three years ago another independant party bought much of his equipment, some molds, and some inventory. They are:

Empire, Inc.

13000 Montana

El Paso, TX

(915) 856-9607

Owner: Ray Paraguea (spelling may be off).

Do not confuse the two companies. Ray has a large cataloge, produces parts for Cadilliac, Packard, and many other marks. He has some Pierce Arrow items. His prices are moderately high, but promises fast delivery and guaranteed work. He knows all about Val Blazer and has suffered from using a nearly identical name for his company. Val’s is Empire Motors, Inc. I recommend that someone in our group pay him a visit and see what he is able to do for us. I had a long phone call with him and was impressed with the size of his plant. He has some Pierce 1929 and 1930 right and left tail light brackets in brass castings.