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    Beware of this new casting – “metal company”– in El Paso, Texas.

    This guy goes by several names, Blazer, Ray and others. Apparently the company Empire Motors Inc, has gone bankrupt a couple of times, this time it has morphed into Paramount Patterns,Inc.

    They make various castings and have left many old-antique-classic car owners high and dry, getting money up front and not delivering the product. Under the old name, some of our Pierce owners. This time it was members of the Hudson Essex Terraplane club. New aluminum heads were ordered and paid for— not delivered, now bankrupt and morphed into Paramount Patterns, Inc.…/37211725.aspx

    the old website-

    Automobile Castings


    Several years ago I was successful in doing business with Val Blazer I bought a right side tail light bracket at a good price and within 90 days. However stories about him are not good! Three years ago another independant party bought much of his equipment, some molds, and some inventory. They are:

    Empire, Inc.

    13000 Montana

    El Paso, TX

    (915) 856-9607

    Owner: Ray Paraguea (spelling may be off).

    Do not confuse the two companies. Ray has a large cataloge, produces parts for Cadilliac, Packard, and many other marks. He has some Pierce Arrow items. His prices are moderately high, but promises fast delivery and guaranteed work. He knows all about Val Blazer and has suffered from using a nearly identical name for his company. Val’s is Empire Motors, Inc. I recommend that someone in our group pay him a visit and see what he is able to do for us. I had a long phone call with him and was impressed with the size of his plant. He has some Pierce 1929 and 1930 right and left tail light brackets in brass castings.


    Bill, My warnings are to help others to be very careful how they spend money. The location has not changed, Val Blaser worked for “Empire” he will most likely work for Paramount. You can see Ed Minnie’s exhaust manifold patterns shown on Empires web site. It makes you think you can order exhaust manifolds today for a 30-31 Pierce. Ask Charlie Sando and 2 other Pierce members what they got for there $3k each investments. I can tell you that another good friend has sent them 19k for pattern work and has the same results, no pattern, and not a casting made. Ray is not the “New” Pres. of Paramount Pattern. Rebecca Perriguey is shown as DIRECTOR and PRESIDENT at Paramount Patterns, Inc. El Paso, TX. I do not have any current dealings with Paramount, I am just trying to keep the membership updated to the ongoing business “location”. I am glad you got your part. Karl


    About five years ago I bought a right side tail light stanchion from Blazer for a ridiculous price, but the part was delivered on time. However, since then I have been aware of at least three PAS members who have lost many thousands of dollars trying to get manifold castings. Perhaps the stanchion castings are bait. At any rate, why take a chance on an unsatisfactory expensive lesson?

    Arnold Romberg


    Hi, just a short note. I sent Blazer some old 8 and 12 exhaust manifolds, whatever photos of manifold patterns on the site are not mine. I never sent him any money, although he did keep asking for me to send him some. The agreement I made with him was to supply some sample (broken) manifolds, and I would get replacement manifolds back. I have never seen anything back from him. I did get a call that he is using a stolen identity of the lady referred to above as well as her dead husbands name. Their son contacted me several weeks ago about it. I can tell you if he finds Blazer, Blazer will be very sorry, as it won’t be words spoken between them. He has taken quite a bit of money across the hobby, that’s why I NEVER prepay any item or service unless the shop is well known to me. I was told he has a family member in the Texas court system that is keeping him out of jail.


    Another short note, he has made and delivered a 1930 manifold, it did not fit the car, and long story short, it’s now in John Cislak’s hands. It looks great, it just does not fit the car. Ed.


    If you need a manifold for your Pierce eight call Dave Murray as he is getting ready to make another run of them soon. They are very nice, as I have one of the last batch he made on my shelf as a spare. Ed


    Ed Minnie is right. If you need one get it from Murray. I have one on my shelf, too — will go on the engine in due time.

    Arnold Romberg


    I just returned from visiting with a couple of Hudson guys who went to Empire trying to get new high performance heads cast for the 308 Hudson Six. They have given up attempts to deal with them after significant loss of cash and time. They said that one of the frustrating aspects of the process was that Empire demonstrated the capability of doing good work UNTIL they received significant advance money in their hands. They recommend never doing any casting work with anyone in the area lest they be connected to these guys. They also fear that their pattern work will be misappropriated and warned us not to buy anything from them.

    Just say NO is my advice.


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