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Hi, just a short note. I sent Blazer some old 8 and 12 exhaust manifolds, whatever photos of manifold patterns on the site are not mine. I never sent him any money, although he did keep asking for me to send him some. The agreement I made with him was to supply some sample (broken) manifolds, and I would get replacement manifolds back. I have never seen anything back from him. I did get a call that he is using a stolen identity of the lady referred to above as well as her dead husbands name. Their son contacted me several weeks ago about it. I can tell you if he finds Blazer, Blazer will be very sorry, as it won’t be words spoken between them. He has taken quite a bit of money across the hobby, that’s why I NEVER prepay any item or service unless the shop is well known to me. I was told he has a family member in the Texas court system that is keeping him out of jail.