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Now that I’ve viewed these DVDs, I’d like to add my thanks to Chris and Marc. I knew that Pierce-Arrow always went the extra mile to make their cars comfortable, durable, and beautiful, but I was not aware of many of the 52 features pointed out in the Salesman’s Kit. What a shame it is that circumstance and marketing are so often more important to sales than the quality of a product. Compared to Packard and Cadillac and many other luxury vehicles, Pierce-Arrow was in many respects the best car. But Packard survived longer, and Cadillac still survives and even thrives, and few have even heard of Pierce-Arrow. But then McDonald’s sells more hamburgers than anyone else too, don’t they.

In this day of McMansions and general ostentation, it’s interesting to hear directly how the rich had to be persuaded to buy a luxury car during the depths of the Depression.. Listening to my mother, it was clear how the Depression deeply affected those that lived through it, and the Salesman’s Kit just reaffirms how difficult this time period was for the general population.

A very interesting piece of history. Thanks again Chris and Marc for making this available to us.