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    Last night I was able to pop in the new PAS project DVD which I purchased at the NY meet gift store. The DVD captures 10 short films intended to be used by salesmen in 1932 to sell new PA cars by well describing the lastest PA innovations including the V-12 motor. I was only able to watch 1/2 hour of the two DVD set, but found it absolutely amazing. I recommend it to anyone interested in PA cars as well as the early 1930’s. I found it fascinating how the film asserts PA solid possition in the luxury car market and its intention to grow market share significantly over the target of 4 years. The material is also full of technical facts on 1932 PA cars.

    My hat is off to Marc Hamburger and Chris Diekman for pulling this excellent project together for the club.-thanks guys

    This DVD set is a must for your collection!


    Sounds great!! And knowing the producers, I’m sure that it is. So now that the meet is over, where do we buy it? Is it going to carried in the Company Store?


    Look for an update very soon on the PAS Website! This will be one of the newest items in the Pierce-Arrow Society Company Store. Bettye has the DVD sets in stock.

    There will also be a flyer included in the next PAS Mailing to all members with details on purchasing the 1932 Pierce Arrow Salesman’s Kit DVD Set.

    We will also have a new Feature Article up on the PAS Website on just how these DVDs came to be. How the filmstrips were first discovered and made their way to the Pierce-Arrow Foundation, how I found one on eBay and started experimenting with digitizing the images, how Marc Hamburger and I got together and made a project out of it, how I got the images scanned and transferred to DVD, recorded authentic Pierce-Arrow sound effects, and secured 1930’s music that I could include in the background without infringing on copyrights. It is an interesting story.

    Marc was an excellent partner and came up with a low cost source for duplicating and packaging the DVDs, using artwork that I put together. Marc also added the last finishing touch, the introductory narrative at the beginning of each of the two DVD’s. We wrote the script, Marc had it recorded, sent me the two files, and I loaded them into the soundtrack for each DVD.

    There are 695 images on the DVD’s from the 10 Pierce-Arrow produced filmstrips and there are many factory pictures, assembly details, sales figures and charts. They feature the new body styles, and of course, the wonderful new V-12 engines. The goal was to educate the sales force on all the new facts and sales points for the new line of Pierce-Arrows.

    They even show the cars and their “times” on the hill climb test that was just documented in Arrow 2011-1.

    These DVD’s tell the story of a great independent US car builder, valiantly trying to introduce a brand new line of the highest quality luxury cars in the height of the Great Depression. This is a story for ANYONE interested in old cars, not just 1932 Pierce-Arrows, or even Pierce-Arrows in general. It is a classic old car story.

    The 1932 filmstrips are extremely rare and informative. We don’t know of anywhere else where you could see the complete collection. This was a fun project to put together. I hope you enjoy the DVDs.

    Happy Motoring,

    Chris Diekman


    UPDATE: The new ad in the Company Store for how to order the Filmstrip DVD Set is now in place. The Feature Article on how the filmstrips were found, processed, digitized and the DVDs produced is now on the PAS website, also.

    Happy Motoring


    Is there going to be some notice abouot this fine product in a PRINTED document from the PAS, so that those who don’t haunt the internet will find out about it?


    Hi Arnold,

    I created a flyer that will go out with the next PAS Mailing. Bettye is adding Company Store content for the other side of the flyer. Thanks for the thought.



    Now that I’ve viewed these DVDs, I’d like to add my thanks to Chris and Marc. I knew that Pierce-Arrow always went the extra mile to make their cars comfortable, durable, and beautiful, but I was not aware of many of the 52 features pointed out in the Salesman’s Kit. What a shame it is that circumstance and marketing are so often more important to sales than the quality of a product. Compared to Packard and Cadillac and many other luxury vehicles, Pierce-Arrow was in many respects the best car. But Packard survived longer, and Cadillac still survives and even thrives, and few have even heard of Pierce-Arrow. But then McDonald’s sells more hamburgers than anyone else too, don’t they.

    In this day of McMansions and general ostentation, it’s interesting to hear directly how the rich had to be persuaded to buy a luxury car during the depths of the Depression.. Listening to my mother, it was clear how the Depression deeply affected those that lived through it, and the Salesman’s Kit just reaffirms how difficult this time period was for the general population.

    A very interesting piece of history. Thanks again Chris and Marc for making this available to us.


    Gerald, thanks for posting-your points are indeed subtle and interesting. You have inspired me to dedicate some time this weekend for a “fresh up”” view!”


    I purchased my copy at the PAS tent in Hershey this week. I just ran the first cd and it was great. This cd collection should be in every members library. Thanks Marc and Chris.


    I add my belated thanks for this production, too. The discs are filled with information and have a wonderful feel of the era. Some of the photos are amazing. That of the White House limo. left me speechless. Roger

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