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Hi Richard,

Are you working on a stock 1933 P-A 836? I’ve had my 8-cyl 7-passenger sedan for 40 years now.

Anyhow, I have an extra grill (shutter) assembly, in good shape (the center vertical stationary rib is slightly bent, but can easily be straightened, the shutters are straight, covered in silver paint and will probably need to be rechromed).

Let me know if you still need this, and I will come up with a price including boxing and shipping.

Also, you can buy a NEW manufactured windshield frame (no rust-outs to ooze thru plating, etc.) They are available from N/C Industries Antique Auto Parts, 301 South Thomas Ave., P.O. Box 254, Sayre, PA 18840;

570-888-6216. They have many patterns for old car w/s frames, and they are exactly like original, and FIT. (Note to Parts and Services page!)


Bob Jacobsen