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Hi Bob, you ask if I had a stock 1933 pierce arrow. I will answer with this. I am not in business building cars for profit. It was my hobby when I was working and now I am retired. I found this old shell of a car in Chickasa Okla, You may know Joe Ersland (RIP) The car was stripped of all parts and down to a body and frame and the 2 doors on a 2 door club Brougham had be in a fire along with the trunk lid. They were going to send it to the cruncher for scrap. I gave them 750.00 for it and brought it home. For years I tried to piece this car back together and the only parts left I need is the grill shutter assy, the windowshield frame and bumbers and trunk latches to complete the Body to original condition. It would be nice if you could help me complete this project . If not? I understand. Best regards Richard.