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Hi All,

Just looked in my parts books to confirm my recollection:

All 1933 8’s and small 12’s, and all ’34s and ’35s (as Paul said) used the same part # (703170), which is the black ball with a ridge but no silver band.

The ’33 big 12’s (1242 & 1247) and all 1932’s used a different part # (701080), which is the one with the silver band.

The 1931’s used a different shape (#750914), with a button in the center for the free-wheeling control.

The 1930’s used #123850, which appears (from the ’30 catalog) to have the silver band.

All that being said, if I walked in to a P-A salesroom and said I’ll buy the car if you put on a silver band shift knob, you know what they would do.