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    Does anyone have an original shift knob they would sell me for my 1934 840A ? Its black with the silver metal band through the middle. My car is all original except for this part…..I appreciate any and all leads.

    Thanks, Rich 206-240-9434


    Hi Richard,

    I believe by 34 Pierce had gone to a plain black knob. One with a ridge ring around the middle. Other may know for sure. Nice car.

    Happy Motoring,



    Rick…thanks for the reply. Dave Murray told me I need a black knob with the metal band through the middle ?? Can anyone else add information for accuracy here ?? Thanks, Rich


    Rick Horne is correct. My 1935 uses the same style knob. I’m the second owner since 1950.


    Hello Rich,

    Nice car you have! What size and MGF. tires do you have on your car? Do they fit OK in your fender wells? I have the same wheels to use on my car, a 1935, and would like to plan for the right tire now.



    Rich: Some years ago I needed a gear shift knob for my Series 80. In a secondhand store, I found a black beer tap knob which was just slightly larger than the original Series 80 knob. Even the threads were the same. A larger knob could be machined to duplicate the original knob for your car and threaded to fit if needed.


    There seems to be confusion about the correct style knob for my car. Dave Murray’s 1935 12 Cyl. coupe has the original knob with the metal band through the middle. Paul Johnsons knob is plain with no metal band. Is the metal band on the shift know a 1935 model, or is it for the 12 cyl. cars and not the 8 as mine is ???

    Alan….my tires are Lester 700-17 and fit perfectly in the wheel wells.


    Rich: The Pierce-Arrow Parts Catalog No.708 lists the same Gear Shift Lever Ball (knob) for all 1934 and 1935 cars. The original advertising brochures I have showing interior photographs for 1935 do not show a silver band on the knob. They do show the ridge ring around the middle as Rick Horne mentions above.


    Paul….thanks for the clarification. So I guess I need one that does not have the metal band. Does anyone know where the knobs with the metal band belong ?? This message board is a wonderful help. Thank you everyone for chipping in…..


    Hi All,

    Just looked in my parts books to confirm my recollection:

    All 1933 8’s and small 12’s, and all ’34s and ’35s (as Paul said) used the same part # (703170), which is the black ball with a ridge but no silver band.

    The ’33 big 12’s (1242 & 1247) and all 1932’s used a different part # (701080), which is the one with the silver band.

    The 1931’s used a different shape (#750914), with a button in the center for the free-wheeling control.

    The 1930’s used #123850, which appears (from the ’30 catalog) to have the silver band.

    All that being said, if I walked in to a P-A salesroom and said I’ll buy the car if you put on a silver band shift knob, you know what they would do.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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