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Hi all, I have personally inspected this chassis, and it literally had a tree growing up through it about 8 inches in diameter. It is freeze cracked in the engine/blocks and transmission is rusted solid and does not shift. There is green moss on the transmission cover if you look close. The carbs are incorrect Zenith off a 50’s Seagrave, and most of the engine components are junk. Almost nothing on it is good. We made an offer on it of under 1000 dollars so we could use it in our V-12 museum display engine we are currently doing. (The project is a gratis donation project to display a complete and correct 12 engine and trans and power brake if possible.) If anyone buys it and does not want the rusty left overs, we sure would like them for the display engine. It’s sad it was left out for junk. If you have any questions on it call me as I took some detailed photos. Ed