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    Hi all, I have personally inspected this chassis, and it literally had a tree growing up through it about 8 inches in diameter. It is freeze cracked in the engine/blocks and transmission is rusted solid and does not shift. There is green moss on the transmission cover if you look close. The carbs are incorrect Zenith off a 50’s Seagrave, and most of the engine components are junk. Almost nothing on it is good. We made an offer on it of under 1000 dollars so we could use it in our V-12 museum display engine we are currently doing. (The project is a gratis donation project to display a complete and correct 12 engine and trans and power brake if possible.) If anyone buys it and does not want the rusty left overs, we sure would like them for the display engine. It’s sad it was left out for junk. If you have any questions on it call me as I took some detailed photos. Ed



    In case you’re wondering what parts on that eBay chassis might fit your 836 (or 1236 if you decide to make it a 12): Definitely the transmission, and power brake unit (if they’re any good). (Exactly the same part #’s except power brake case, which has 2 extra mounting bolt holes for the ’34 – just don’t use them.)

    BTW – it would be a good investment for you to buy a ’33 parts book reprint from the PAS library (and maybe a ’34-’35) if you don’t already have one, to determine interchangeability on stuff like this.

    The bell housing will not fit an 8, but will probably fit a ’33 12.

    The rear axle/differential will fit, but is not correct (it looks very different, much larger, w/4 bearing bolts sticking out of the helmet, with provision for a torque arm that would not be used.) The 836/1236 originally used a worm drive which gave a lot of problems, so in ’34 the P-A factory issued a bulletin that recommended replacing it with a ’34/’35 hypoid 8-cyl. unit (which I have done in my ’33). So that’s the one you want.

    The steering and front axle assembly parts all have different part numbers, so probably won’t work – I don’t know. (The box is very different.)

    Brakes have most p/n’s matching, so would probably work (except cables will be different length).

    Right front spring is same as 1236. Left is different.

    Rear springs are different p/n’s. 8’s have less leaves in front.

    That’s about it.





    I guess no one has checked out the chassis numbers given? Paul Jacobs pointed this out, to me, yesterday–if the numbers given are correct–the chassis is a 1933 Model 1247. The vendor points out that he’s measured the wheelbase twice and has come up with 144 inches? This doesn’t support it being #3550084, which is listed in our Roster as George Slankards’, 1933, Le Baron.



    Thanks Bob, I can see that I do need a book and thank you for pointing that out and where to buy one. I think I will pass on the E-Bay chassis. Regards Richard


    Engine number doesn’t appear to match a 33.


    Engine # 400258 is for 1934

    Serial # 3550084 ” “” 1933

    It’s possible the vendor listed the wrong numbers.



    I do not remember what number I used when I looked at it, but as I remember I thought it was a 34. Someone bid on it at the opening price, sure is a fair amount of money for lawn sculpture. Ed


    Went for $10,100.


    Number was 3530084, I found my photo of it. That makes it a 34 on 144 wb. Ed.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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