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    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone tell me if the 17″ wire wheels on a ’33 are different than the 34-38 wheels?

    Thanks from the neophyte



    The 17″ wheels are different for a 1933 with a very small metal bead and available in steel artillary, wood and wire wheels.




    Does anyone have any 33 wire wheels?



    Hello Bill,

    Send me a private message, I may have a loose 17″ 1933 wire wheel. Mine is for an 8 cylinder car.


    [email protected]


    PASB 80-1 says that 17″ wheels for 8’s and 12’s do not interchange, as the 12 wheel is 1/2″ wider. Anyone know the correct widths for 8 and 12 wheels?


    The Hollander Interchange Manual 16th Edition lists the widths as 4.19 inches for the 12’s and 4.00 inches for the 8’s for the years 1933 to 1937. The four inch wheel is also listed as used on the “small twelve”” which would be 1933.”



    Great info. That probably explains the 700 vs 750 tire sizes on 8 vs 12’s



    I am also looking for at least 2 wheels for my 1924 Pierce Arrow Bus. Z chassis. Tire size is 36 X 6 and they are disc wheels, 24 inch Budd wheels with 8 lugs. Large center hole & 2 hand holes.

    Jerry Turner 509-226-3522



    Anyone need any 17″ wire wheels with 4″” bead width? Base on the above should fit ’33-37 8’s and light 12’s”


    The wheels for 836 or 1236 are the same with a small bead. The wheels for 8 cylinder cars for 34 – 38′ may have the same wheel width as 33′ wheels but the design of the bead is different than from 1933 wheels. The wheels will bolt up in place just fine.



    Thanks for the info. Can you help me? I don’t know what you mean by “small bead””.

    I have found 4 wheels and was checking to see if anyone needed them.”


    The wheels are gone. I bought one and matched it up with the ones on my car and they were identical.

    The seller listed them as follows

    Kelsey Hayes 17 IN 5X6 4 IN BEAD 5 1/4 WIDTH Fit 1933 Stud pres 92 Buick 32, Pierce 1933 34 35 36 37 and Nash 34.

    Another bit of tribal knowledge we can add.

    Just be sure you get a picture and the dimensions before purchase.

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